Bioenergetica Life

Cellular Rejuvenator

Bioenergetica Life is a balance of a wide range of nutritious and dietary supplements. After seventeen years of extensive research we now offer a formula that will provide your body with 100% natural ingredients like: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. The result is a product which takes into account the nutritional needs of your body. Our product is carefully formulated requiring many steps to completion to retain maximum values. The result is a product that provides a spectrum of nutrients important to the body’s cells, blood supply, glandular system and major organs, all designed for optimum results.

The goal: To provide complete nutrition at the cellular level by taking into account:

  1. The electrical property and electromagnetic resonance of body cells and organs.
  2. Nutritional wholeness
  3. Assimilation of nutrients.

This research data was used to create Bioenergetica Life, a rich, sweet tasting liquid, with a significance that may not be fully realized before the 21st century. Bioenergetica Life, our Nutritional Formula has marked the start of a new era, more commonly know and referred to as “Bioenergenetica Life Nutrition”. The key to the success of the product is in its ingenious manufacturing procedure. To achieve total assimilation of the nutrients; the ingredients are broken down into smaller particle structures and simpler forms. The particle reduction that occurs in the product during manufacturing is the result of a catalytic conversion that takes place when a specific range of electromagnetic fields are applied

Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula

Provides food for the cells in two forms:

  1. Physical
  2. Energetic

The physical nutrition includes micro sizes of over 150 ingredients in their purest forms: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. The energetic nutrition is the magnetic resonance that is incorporated in the product. This helps the organs and the body achieve homeostasis or better balance, by reinforcing the body’s own electromagnetic spectrum.

The ingredients in Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula are from natural sources, with no chemical, additives or preservatives and no artificial colors or sweeteners. Our method of formulation facilitates several factors, which can help your health and overall wellness:

  1. Easier assimilation, which is better transformation of nutrients into living healthy tissue.
  2. Metabolism or a process of chemical exchange that aids in the purification and development of new healthier cells.

An essential key to the body’s maximum performance is its ability to cope with the stresses associated with our everyday exposure to the environment. For example, food additives, water additives, and our exposure to various forms of drugs, chemicals, electric fields, and negative living conditions can all take their toll. Proper nutrition can help offset these negative and potentially harmful conditions. High power magnification can reveal that when the blood supply has attained the best nutritional balance and is in contact with cells then an exchange is made. Substances pass through the cell membrane, flush through the nucleus of the cell and a “cleaning up” process takes place. Dark or grayish material is eliminated from the cell, which may contain aging pigments, and the cell can become livelier. When a split occurs we can find two younger healthy cells emerging. A magnetic resonance has been incorporated in this product and helps the body in finding appropriate “targets”. Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula helps revitalize and replenish certain essential nutrients. The continued use of the product can help provide added energy and vitality to the body.

The Nutritional Therapy of the 21st Century

Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula appears to dramatically alter the appearance of the skin to help create a more youthful, wrinkle-free glow. While not making any claims for the formula, the scientists who researched and developed it, believe the new formula to be an extraordinary breakthrough. When working at the cellular level we only want what is natural or near natural as possible. “The formula contains nothing that you can’t eat.” Because of their molecular makeup, the nutrients that go into our blood are often too big to penetrate the cell membrane. But if nutrients are reduced, they can be absorbed at the cellular level.

For a healthy, glowing complexion, skin needs to be nourished from inside as well as outside. Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula is a nutritional supplement designed to provide the vitamins and minerals, the body needs most. Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula provides the entire body with the raw materials that help generate outward beauty in the best way possible…through inner health.

Detoxification, The Road to Health

Today, the body is under assault from pollution, pesticides, processing, and all kinds of side effects from our modern lifestyles gone astray. Somehow, some way, these toxins all have to come out of the body for the body to be healthy and not age prematurely. The body itself is continually trying to detoxify and often cannot because of the nature of today’s toxins, in fact the body‘s inability to eliminate these toxins leads to a buildup of toxicity inside the body. The result is a steady loss of energy and good health. The body is a wonderful machine and its ability to heal itself is the single biggest marvel of life, often overlook and underrated by modern man. Failure to eliminate these toxins from our bodies is undermining and can cause permanent damage to our wellness. Bioenergetica Life our formula improves the ability of the body to detoxify itself because it is complete and scientifically balanced. Our formula is liquid for easier and faster digestion. The particle size is reduced for easier assimilation into the body and for use at the cellular level, and the individual cells can detoxify themselves and use the vitamins and minerals in the formula to enhance the body’s ability to detoxify itself.

The body has five systems of detoxification:

  1. the skin,
  2. the colon,
  3. the urine,
  4. the lungs, and for females,
  5. menstruation.

Each of these systems is responsible for eliminating the body of the toxins that enter it. Each will show a different manifestation of detoxification. The expected discomforts will generally last a very short period of time and not everyone will experience it. This of course, depends largely on the state of health and the kind of toxins residing inside the body. Initially, there may be bloating lasting for 48 to 72 hours. This is from the toxins being stirred up inside the stomach and colon. There may also be a couple of days of loose stools. This is from debris that was compacted along the intestinal track being flushed out. This is not diarrhea and is not the sign of illness or a bad reaction to the formula. This is just the natural flushing of the system that the body may go through on its way to wellness. This may occur after taking Bioenergetica Life nutritional formula because the formula assists the body in balancing itself. In conjunction, nausea, gas and flatulence may also be present. Again, this is from the stirred up toxins. At this time, the body is adjusting to the new situation, so the presence of head or body aches is not uncommon. If one feels less energetic or anxious, this is attributable to the fact that detoxification can require a lot of energy, and the body directs much of its energy toward the detoxification process. After the process is completed, the energy and confidence will return with more potency. The copious discharge of mucus in the nasal passage may be the lungs detoxifying and not a cold. Also, the breaking out of pimples or rashes on the skin is possible as the skin detoxifies itself. Much of this will pass in a relatively short time and is nothing to be concerned about. The body, however, will never overtax itself. If extreme discomfort should occur, this may not be detoxification and you should consult your physician. The speed of detoxification can be controlled. If things get uncomfortable, take a little less of Bioenergetica Life Nutritional Formula.

The important thing to remember is that the discomfort is a temporary condition that will soon pass. The body is adjusting to the new situation and good health is returning. In fact, the root cause of bad health is being eliminated. There is no substitute for good nutrition. Detoxification is a good thing, no matter how uncomfortable or how long it takes. There is no substitute for detoxification. But with a good attitude, patience, and perseverance, detoxification will be the biggest step to a healthier today and a far healthier tomorrow.

Our product is 100% natural. There is nothing in it that will harm the body. In fact, there is much in it that we all need. The key to success is common sense. Learn to listen to your body and trust your instincts. The body often tells you when you need more of the Formula or when to slow down.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.